IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications
13–16 September 2021 // Virtual Conference // By 6G Flagship

Instructions for session chairs

Virtual event instructions are available on the website:  

Access to the virtual platform and materials

You will receive access to the virtual platform via an email from Conference Catalysts, the virtual conference platform platform provider, on 10 September.

Please access the IEEE PIMRC 2021 Virtual Conference Platform via: 

Once redirected to the platform, enter your login credentials. Once logged in you will have the opportunity to customize your profile. Please take advantage of the ability to select your own time zone. This will ensure all schedule views are personalized to you. 

On the virtual platform, papers and presentations are organized by tracks and under the specific session type under “Sessions”. 

For each technical and invited presentation, we have the following information and material: 

  • presenter(s) and abstract 
  • accepted or invited paper in pdf format 
  • pre-recorded video (for on-demand sessions) 
  • presentation slides (optional) 
  • conversation (see details under “Conversation” below) 

Conference Catalysts makes sure that all accepted papers in a session have these components available. 

Live Sessions

Live sessions will be run through Zoom. The platform will direct you to the correct Zoom session once you click the “View live session” button. The preferred browser for using the Conflux Virtual Platform is Google Chrome. 

A pre-event trial for live session chairs in organized on Thursday 9 September. You will receive a calendar invitation to the session from Conference Catalysts. 

Session chairs must join the live session 15 minutes before the session start, similar to speakers.  

Speakers are asked to have their cameras on while speaking. Speakers, who are not speaking at a given moment, should remain muted.  

All attendees will be muted upon entry in a live Zoom session. 

  • To ask a question from the speaker, attendees
    1. click the “Chat” icon in their Zoom menu bar. 
    2. type their question into the chat box at any time during the presentation.  
    3. request to ask a question aloud at the end of the session by raising a hand in Zoom. 
  • During the Q&A at the end of the session, the chair 
    1. reads the written questions aloud from the Zoom chat box (important for the session recording). 
    2. grants permission to an attendee, who has raised a hand in Zoom, to ask a question aloud. The attendee’s mic is then unmuted. 

Live sessions are recorded and the recordings will be available on-demand 24 hours after the end of the session. 

On-demand Sessions

For presentations in on-demand sessions, we have the following information and material:  

  • presenter(s) and abstract 
  • accepted or invited paper in pdf format 
  • pre-recorded video 
  • presentation slides (optional) 

The number of views of each paper is visible under the paper title. This helps you to see which papers have gained most interest. 

On-demand sessions do not have a session-specific chat. Instead, the Q&A takes place under the “Conversation” tab under each presentation.  


You and the attendees can ask questions and comment each presentation under the “Conversation” tab which is a public discussion board.  

Questions posted by the evening 16 September should be answered asap. Kindly check at least once per day and once more on Friday 17 September after the end of the event that all questions have been answered by the authors. You are kindly asked to remind the authors of unanswered questions. You can e.g. email them under “Details” where an email envelop icon is shown next the presenter’s profile.  

To keep track of the conversation, please select “Notify me when new comments are posted”. You can then choose either “All comments” or “Replies to my comment”. 

Scores for the papers

Attendees’ can score the papers by giving them 1-5 stars.  

Problems or issues

If you note any problems or issues with the virtual sessions, please contact Caroline Kravec at