IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications
13–16 September 2021 // Virtual Conference // By 6G Flagship

3GPP NR Positioning: standard and key techniques


Dr. Yi Wang
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Shanghai

Dr. Su Huang
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Shanghai


User positioning in wireless network is of increasing importance for public security, commercial services, and the applications in vertical industry. 5G started its industrial standard in 3GPP in Release 16 which was studied during 2018 –2020. 5G positioning has an aggressive positioning targets including wide range of accuracy from meter-level to cm-level accuracy, latency from seconds to milliseconds level, and IOT device with very low power consumption. The considered scenarios cover general indoor and outdoor, industrial factory, and V2X etc. So it is of interests to audiences to take attention to the new emerging 5G positioning standard and the key techniques before 5G positioning iswidely applied in commercial markets.

Structure and content

  1. 3GPP standards on positioningoverview
    1. 3GPP NR positioning time line
    2. Use case, requirements, and KPI
    3. Network architecture for positioning
  2. Rel-16 RAN standards
    1. RAN1 perspective
    2. RAN2perspective
    3. RAN3 perspective
    4. RAN4 perspectivee)RAN5 perspective (just started)
  3. Positioning Techniques
    1. TDOA and angle based positioning
    2. Particle-swarm optimization based positioning
    3. AI-based positioning
    4. Multipath-assisted positioning
    5. Sidelink positioning
    6. Cooperative positioningg)RRC-IDLE/INACTIVE positioning
  4. Summary